Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Work For Nasa

Astronaut is the Latin translation of “star sailor”. 

I think that’s very poetic.

I am not an astronaut but
I work for NASA.
My eyes follow blips across
the black void of a black box
and from my mouth into my headset
drip monosyllabic directives.

Still, I appreciate moments of poetry just like any other man. 

Yes, I work for NASA
 here in this place we call the Lone Star State.  

Not so long ago there was a day.
not unlike this day
on a planet no bigger
in this ever-expanding universe
than the gravy stain on my work shirt.

And on this day there was a moment.

I have read that by Rabbinical reckoning
a moment is 43 milliseconds.

This moment may have been more.

But I made a note of this moment in my log,
because there was a big smile slapped on your face
and your teeth were shining with spit
and there were something like stars in your eyes.

Waterloo, January 15, 2009

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