Thursday, January 24, 2013

Parkdale plaques

Throughout 2012, as part of the Parkdale BIA's community garden initiative, four new historical plaques were created and installed in Parkdale.

My friend and incredible artist Joel Hentges did the graphic design, and I wrote the copy and chose the photos.  I think they turned out really well, and it was so interesting to learn about Parkdale's history!  You can find them throughout Parkdale sprinkled around the Queen and Brock area, but you can also check them out here: 

This one is located on the South West corner of Queen and Elm Grove (by The Mascot). 

This one is located on the North East corner of Brock and Queen, by an umbrella tree.

This one is in front of 1313 Queen Street West (South side).  

This one is in the garden beside the Coffee Tyme where old men sit silently sipping coffee all day.

Wish I knew how to post the better quality versions of these on here, because I am really proud of what I wrote - I even slipped a couple of jokes in them. When I finished working at the BIA, I felt kind of bad about myself because they gave me a really wonderful opportunity to fill in as Executive Director over the summer, and my ol' self esteem issues made me feel like I was really incompetent, but whenever I see these plaques, I remember that I did do at least one good thing for Parkdale, and they'll be there for a couple of years at least.  They don't have our names on them, but I know who made them!  Next time you're in Parkdale, take a look!

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