Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Cave

The Cave

Living in a cave, dripping grey
with glow worms and lamp light
your neon strobe light 
makes me feel so 
spiritually shooketh
weak as a kitten
I can't get over it

spelunking psyches
wandering strange-wise
remembering memories wrong
dancing sideways
measuring years of time
managing hours minutes days
dying somebody else's death
doing it my way

Everybody dies, but first -
a facsimile of diamond
a heaving bag of cats eyes
a genuine cubic zirconia
a chemical mess of compromise

What I've got here: 
blue black water
an iron lung
a wet rock
the bends 
and an abacus

My home, my cave, my pleasure dome
a selfish shellfish prone on a moonstone
a darkened dungeon dank with shell shock
the pea green algae is my bedrock

Double vision
seeing spectres
lost my sea legs
pass the sceptre

Eating from the poison tree
bobbing blind will erase me
a matriarch of the briny deep
holds the power of the sea
cracking glass and grasping me
but God herself shrieks through thee

A little tide and froglings
a lapping waxwing hiding
a stay-at-home mom crying
a professor is subsiding
a patriarch is dying

Rubber tree with leaves upcurling
stolen jewellery now upturning
a lava lamp forever churning
the fever dream is fuel burning
a wooden doll is still unlearning

I lost my footing in the dampness 
once while out collecting seaglass
it was then I caught the spiritual flu
never dared to breathe or achoo
with one arm painted cornflower blue
I disguised myself for what I would do

a gull bejeweled in morning dew
cawing blindly, eats cashews
and for all this, she never knew
that these waters swallowed you

A pyramid scheme hatched
a jagged cliffside thatched
a paranoid dagger seethes
a bowl of cherries swarmed with fleas

a jello mold, a sculpted form:
a selfish, starving, trembling horde
silvered water, slivered light: 
a landlocked body now gains flight

Trying hard to sleep against the tide
buried in muck and rushes to hide
velvet lungs, a fur lined glove
the bell will toll for everyone

at least she never thinks I'm crazy
we share a background in tragedy
a solemn heraldry
dripping blue heredity

Heredity is King
flowers in a ring
a club foot, a clipped ear
an extra wing
a sickly thing

Feathers strewn beneath a tree
by my den of iniquity
a dance with prey
a death in grey
a shadowed face
an act of grace
uncovered grave
my home, my cave. 

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