Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ladies Who Lurch

A Wing and a Prayer From Oprah
by Emmy and Ellie Anglin, written at Mother's Pizza in April 2018

O, Oprah, give us wings...

I'm praying that you'll give me my first public forum
but first forgive my sinful decorum

give me a wing - mild, BBQ or plain
and if you don't lift me up, I'll go insane

I know I'm acting like a common fan
but i want chicken so small it'll fit in my hand

If you won't make me famous at least give me wings
but of the two we prefer the first of these things

the first, figurative wings, will set our careers in flight.
the second, finely sauced, will at least set us up for the night

Between these two desires we are torn

but if you give us our own show, we'll give you our first born

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