Thursday, March 12, 2020

My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell - Music Video for Nick Storring

This video was created by me in 2019 for award-winning composer and long time friend Nick Storring, for the title track from his new album My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell. The song draws both name and inspiration from Roberta Flack’s chilling rendition of “Sweet Bitter Love” by Van McCoy. My primary medium is collage, and stop motion animation using collage has proven a natural extension of my practice. I created this video in my basement using an iPhone, a free stop motion app, over 7000 photos and lots and lots of cut-outs. The video is about the city of Toronto (especially as a mecca of art and culture for those outside of it) and the experience of a young woman artist creating, trying and failing to make it in "the big city". Other themes include the erasure of identity, existence and experience by time and soft things being dominated and destroyed by strong things.

See More at National Sawdust  and Oh Es Tee.

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