Thursday, March 1, 2012

Difficult Days Produce All Sorts of Art

So I learned to use technology to alter my collages. But do you like them less knowing that?  I like the way it looks.

"Aand What" - now with rounded edges.

a sad and stained little note card, 2012.

"Horses Are Prancing" - I admit although I love animals I didn't realize this was a mule and not a horse when I  first collaged this (probably six years ago).  I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE VERY DISTINCTLY NOW.  Horses are monumental, beautiful and dignified, donkeys are smaller, adorable, fluffy, with longer eyelashes.  

I am very happy to announce that my collage "Toothvalanche" will be included in an up-coming issue of The Hart House Review. 

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