Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On The Iran-Contra Affair, On Contraception

On the Iran-Contra Affair:  
I ran, contra – clockwise to the bar to get out of a conversation about this at my last lunch meeting.

Doing a tequila shot by yourself is depressing. The ritual of the salt lick and the lemon is really meant to be a social thing. I just love doing shots. I love the Lil Jon feat. LMFAO song “Shots”.

A co-worker gave me the nickname Shotsy.  I wonder if by doing so he’s subtly casting doubt on my professionalism but it’s worth it to me because having a nick name makes me feel like one of the gang.  And sometimes at lunch meetings now my co-workers buy shots for me as a gag. 

On Contraception:
Lezzzbians don’t need contraception but I still hope for an accident. I’d cut out the crack dope smack coke pills thrills chills AAAAAAND frills if I conceived. Do you think it would still be considered an immaculate conception if it was the result of finger banging and muff diving? 

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