Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ode to Amy Whinehouse

Unchained Melody

A cataclysmic cat eye
a bouffant too close to God
A missing tooth
and something else inside you
that made you reach out
even to the paps outside your flat
lunging in blood stained ballet flats
It made you cry for Blake
when YOU were the gold chain
YOU were the lioness
And something in you belted out
that last night
but they took the very wind from you
they printed something broken
tracked what Perez posted
something they could never have
in your final days
the way you swayed
with melting tar and melody
the amber, booze soaked memory
and leopard print bruises
from a trite bon mot
even after your passing
and a last resort in Bermuda
with your father and betrayer
and now you,

melt in her legacy.

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