Monday, June 26, 2017

Steel Rails 2016 & 2017

Steel Rails 2017 with Myss Taken, Nico Lavender and Andrea Hawkins

Trump Bucks! By Andrea Hawkins.

Andrea Hawkins, with her Trump Bucks and GNAT flag, setting up.

I created 50 ornaments featuring Our Dear Leader!

I created paper chains out of Trump newspaper headlines & photos, and used the beautiful tissue paper garlands made by Molly Patterson.

Thank you to Margaret Anglin & Emily Hearth for diligently collecting Newspapers for me. 

Close up of our new currency!

Inside the Greater North American Trumpire, and the Futurist Artists Revering Trump (FART) show! Steel Rails 2017 with Andrea Hawkins.

Steel Rails 2016 - Eat Me Famous group show & performance.

Johnny Dipp, Curry Fischer, Anthony Ihopkins, Adelimeat and Scarlet Johamson. Some of the collages for Steel Rails 2016 by me, Ryan King, Molly Patterson, Caroline Wesley, and Dan Schickerowsky.

"Bread Pitt" for Steel Rails 2016, watercolour and collage.

Performing with Agile Like This (Dan Schickerowsky, Caroline Wesley) for Eat Me Famous for Steel Rails 2016.

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